General FAQ

There are three locations you can use your meal plans at. Meal plans (blocks or swipes) can be used at City Eats; our all-you-care-to eat dining hall with seven different food stations. Meal swipes can be used at Cafe in the Park for great to-go options and a cup of Starbucks coffee or at Bricks, our late-night Italian pizzeria.

Gator Dollars are cash values voluntary purchased from the One Card office. They work like a prepaid debit card with funds kept on your student ID card. Gator Dollars may be used at any participating on-campus dining location including Café in the Park, Bricks, and City Eats.

Resident Meal Plans

If you are a resident of San Francisco State University living in Mary Ward, Mary Park, or Towers, yes. It's a great value, and it is SF State’s policy that all designated campus residents purchase a meal plan each semester. If you live in University Park North or University Park South you are not required to purchase a meal plan. You can still purchase a voluntary meal plan with us that gives you great package choices that don’t expire as long as you are enrolled as a student.

The 7 Day Continuous plan is recommended for the student who dines frequently and plans to be on campus most weekends. The 5 Day Continuous Plan is for the hearty eater who may not be on campus during the weekend. For light eaters, Plan 336 Block or 240 Block will feed their hunger pains. But don't worry about choosing the wrong plan as we allow meal plan changes on traditional plans.Requests to increase meal plan choices to any other higher meal plan may be made at any time during the academic year.

Block meals may be used during the semester in which are purchased. Unused blocks, also known as swipes or meals, carry over from semester to semester; however, they do expire at the end of the academic year (for mandatory meal plans).

Requests to increase meal plan choices to any other higher meal plan may be made at any time during the academic year. Licensee billing statement will be adjusted to reflect any changes in the meal plan. Requests to increase or decrease meal plan choices are limited to once per semester. In order to request a change of meal plan, the Licensee must sign a "Change of Meal Plan Request Form" at the Housing Business Office before the indicated deadlines.

You can choose from four great voluntary meal plan options that keep rolling over as long as you are enrolled as a student! 

Voluntary Meal Plans

Not at all! Our plans are perfect for commuters and students who want to take a break throughout the week from cooking and spending money on take-out. These plans are great if you live in University Park North and University Park South as well.

Love cooking, but don’t want to worry about it during the week? The 150 Block plan would relieve stress about cooking during the week and let you attend all of our fun events without missing out. Not sure how much you’ll be dining with us? Start with the 70 Block plan, see how it goes and visit us when you don’t feel like tackling that pile of dirty dishes. Somewhere in the middle? Check out our 110 Block Plan.If you want to split your meal plan with your roommates to avoid the inevitable fights over who left a mess in the kitchen, check out our 300 Block Communal Plan. #savethefriendship

Nope! That is why our voluntary meal plans are so great. Your meal swipes will roll over semester to semester as long as you are enrolled as a student.

Sure! Just note that each time you enter the dining center, one swipe will be deducted from the total per person. For example, if you have a 150 block plan and you bring 5 guests to eat with you, your total will go down to 145.

Feel free to purchase another block plan! All of our plans roll over semester to semester as long as you are enrolled as a student.

Right here on this website! We process all voluntary meal plan purchases through our website. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or cash as payment.